Behind the Music with Jeannine Higgins on She Won't Stay


An audience is not looking for perfection. They are looking for authenticity and seeing your strengths.

Band Name: Jeannine Higgins
Song name: She Won't Stay
Music Genre:: folk/pop

I live in: Houston, TX

This song is about allowing for change within a relationship. This song represents strength in being able to tackle changes in my life and relationships. A willingness to change and grow.

 I write and sing in a boldly personal and honest style. My lyrics resonate with the listener and capture raw emotion. My performance is both moving and passionate. The best advice I have received: "You don't have to be perfect before you go out there and try things."


Interview Discussion:
Singing her entire life, Singer songwriter Jeannine Higgins speaks with host Jacqueline Jax about growing up in a musical family. How music becomes a part of your character. "I don't think of music as what I do, I think of this as who I am". Releasing her debut CD in February of this year that tells a very personal story. The ideas for utilizing social media to gain massive exposure and how acoustic songwriters can explode through online outlet. 



Feature created by Jacqueline Jax
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