Paris Rocker Jeff Rockker Released a New Single White Tiger

Jeff Rockker TigerVisualRKR.jpg

Artist: Jeff Rockker
New Release: "White Tiger"

Genre: Rock

Located in: Paris, France

This song is...
Jeff Rockker is a Paris based French-Californian rock singer/guitarist/songwriter. He is the lucky recipient of an ASCAP “Popular Songwriter Award”. His style is influenced by the great hard rock bands of the 80’s (AC/DC, Kiss The Cult, Trust, etc...) but, their double drum kick, metal sounding guitars and often incisive words, give his songs a very modern edge! Meet the great "White Tiger" ! He roams the streets of our urban jungles. He is an analogy for the wild and the free creature that lies within the soul of the rocker! "White Tiger" is the official single of the album. Can you see yourself in the lyrics of this song?

The music we are creating is...
 "White Tiger" is Rockker's most radio friendly single at this time! With this song, Rockker aims to widen his fan base around the world! Are you in?!

Right now we are...
Jeff Rockker has just released his first album (an EP) called "Stronger!" on January the 3rd 2019! To accompany this album, Rockker asked fans around the world to film themselves while rocking to the single "Stronger". This "Fan Video" will be released very soon. Stay tuned!