Behind The Music with Jennifer Porter on These Years

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Band Name: Jennifer Porter

Song name: These Years

Music Genre: Singer-Songwriter/Soul

I live in... Bar Mills, Maine, U.S.A.

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How do you write songs?
This is a very difficult question to answer, as I don't typically set out to write a song about any specific thing, or have any specific intention or theme in mind that I want to explore. I write the music first, then as I play the chords and hum the melody that has formed in my mind, I let words come on their own, and am often surprised by them, but if I were to retroactively think about what might have inspired this song, it would be watching the person I love most in this world, perform the everyday act of eating; bringing the fork from the plate to his mouth.

Seeing his innocence in this unaffected everyday act with its broader ramifications of self care, made every moment I'd ever been less than kind to him fill me with regret. In that moment I vowed to never be careless in my actions and words to this person who loves me, and I prayed for life to give me enough time to make it up to him. So I would say that this song is about a wish for more time, with which to try harder each day to be a thoughtful, kind person to the man or woman one loves.

My music is...
Always intuitive. I find that it is an honest expression of my innermost thoughts and feelings, though I don't set out to make it such. Style-wise, it is a mix of Jazz, Soul, Blues, and Country. Every now and then a bit of Classical music influence might enter into my songs, melody-wise. I think this is because, I have performed each of those styles of music in my career, and so am subtly shaped as a musician by all of them. I have performed Jazz and Blues the most so I think they are the most prominent in the amalgamation.

My newest album, THESE YEARS, comes after three jazz albums in a row, and for me, is a return to the Roots music that has always been my favorite type of music to perform and to listen to. I feel, with this album, that I have come back to my truest self as a musician.

This isn't advice per se, but I saw Ella Fitzgerald perform live when I was an Opera Major, and Classical Piano minor in college. This was life-changing for me, because I realized that I had unwittingly gone down a musical career path that did not reflect my truest desires as a musician. I loved singing opera, and had a voice suited to it, but watching Ella, and basking in her magnificent musicianship, re-connected me with the music I had originally loved and played, as a child. I left school soon after that and began performing Jazz and Blues again. Over the years, I have learned to trust my gut-instincts!

I love creating music, because…
I love it when a song of mine touches someone emotionally to the point where they feel as though at least one person on this Earth sees them, knows them, and empathizes with them. I love when my music helps people to not feel alone in this world. I also love music as a language with other musicians. I love choosing a note in a chord, singing, and playing it, and having the other musicians understand what I am saying to them, and answer back! That is happiness!

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New Episode 665 Behind The Music with  Jennifer Porter on These Years

The life and inspiration of a songwriter is complex because it involves nurturing that high level of inspiration in a world that draws your energy constantly. Jacqueline Jax and Jennifer Porter talk about how she has succeeded in completing 7 albums, movie soundtracks and film scores while managing to keep her sanity and grace.

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