Jessica Falk is "Ready to Fly" with a Brand New Pop Single and Video | Watch Now

Artist: Jessica Falk

New Release: Ready To Fly

Genre: Pop/Rock/Country

The single which was recorded at Addiction Studios in Nashville with her long time producer Scott Baggett. The studio is owned by Jonathan Cain from the rock group Journey. “Ready To Fly” was written by Jessica along with David Kalmusky (Journey, Keith Urban and Neil Schon) and Scott Baggett (Alison Krauss, John Waite, Bonnie Raitt and others).

Also featured on the single is drummer Chad Cromwell. Cromwell is known for his work with Neil Young, Joe Walsh, Dave Stewart, Chris Isaak, Mark Knopfler, Diana Krall and many others. The song's lyric contains a vital message to be open and loving but do not let them mistake kindness for weakness.

"Rise above the ones that will talk bad of you and steer your life wherever you want it to go. It's your journey and nobody can take it away. Everything has its time and when the time is right, you will know when to take the step into your future” says Jessica. Musically “Ready To Fly” features a tougher sound with influences of Pink, ZZ Top, Joan Jett and a hint of country. Jessica has written songs and recorded 2 albums in Nashville over 8 years.

In October, Jessica will be touring in Michigan and Wisconsin and after that travel to Nashville for some new recordings.

My music is an open door into my life. Music is everything. It has helped me through bad and good times. Music heals. It’s my joy, my fear, my vision, my failures, my hope, my desires, my dreams – my life.

”All my songs have a true story behind them. I want my music to be honest and for it to be something that everyone can relate to. I hope people can find hope, strength and love through my lyrics and music. I want to help people to believe in themselves. Find the courage to follow their hearts and live their lives. I believe that when words fail, music speaks.”







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