Behind The Music with Joe Fitzpatrick on 'You Go Round"

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Band Name: Joe Fitzparick 

Song name: You Go Round

I live in : portlaoise, co laois, Ireland

This song is about…
a lad who is friends with a girl who is in a relationship that’s going no where. She always calls him to cry about it, he tries to console her but really he is in love with her himself. Every time she calls it kills him, but he keeps telling her to try work it out.

My music is…
everything to me. It gives me a way to express my feelings. I like to try to tell a story in my songs. Some of them are about personal things that happened to me and people I know. I don’t class my music as a type of genre because I can go from a soft song to a heavy rock song, it all depends on the mood I am in.

I was told not to write songs that you think are going to sell. Write about what matters to me most in life. there is no point in writing music that won’t make you happy personally.

''If you can’t say it, sing it''

Sometimes it’s hard to say things, to express yourself. Me personally, if I have something on my mind and I don’t like to talk about it. I write it down and turn it into a song.

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Irish songwriter Joe Fitzpatrick talks with Jacqueline Jax about being a songwriter in Portlaoise, co laois, Ireland and how he challenges himself to write the most relatable material he can by focusing on speaking about or to one person. By honing in on one element that matters, you can make the most impact. The best songs are written about taking the wrong track in life and making it back. His method is summed up in a very important phrase: ''If you can’t say it, sing it'' .

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