New Release from Jonathan Pierce Project 'Get Away'

Jonathan Pierce Project.png

Band Name: Jonathan Pierce Project

Name of song: Get Away

Genre : Singer-Songwriter, Funky, Soul, Folk, Acoustic R&B
Get Away is a song about the in and out nature of relationships and the games we play in our head about how things should or shouldn’t be. Each verse is in a different spot in the spectrum and though the chorus is the same words each time it takes on a slightly different context each time. Chasing girls, chasing dreams, chasing that something special wondering why it’s always trying to get away.

The great Mel Brown.
We were so excited to have his tasty bass licks and infinite musical wisdom around on this production.

I saw Mel in a guitar center talking to someone about his new signature bass. There was a few people waiting to talk to him. I waited til he was alone. Then I went up and told him how my bass player was falling through and told him how I had been watching him for years and knew all of the projects he had done. I knew he had worked with the producer I was working with, before. I asked if he would come and play bass on my new record. He told me to have the producer call him. We all had our fingers crossed and after a bit of anticipation he came through and did the whole record had our heads bobbing all day.