Behind The Music with Joshua Flores on 'Fall Out Of Love'

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Band Name: Joshua Flores
Song name: Fall Out Of Love
 Genre:: pop
I live in... Corpus Christi, TX

Link to play::

This song is about...
Going through being in love with someone and they kind of just stop and you don't really understand why. You think things are going good but then all of sudden it's over.

My music is...
Is all about what I have gone through personally and I try to relay that message where everyone can relate to it. I want my music to be memorable and I want it to connect with the people that hear it.

This song is a commercial release. I want it to represent me as a pop artist. I like a lot of pop artist out there right now like Justin Timberlake, Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, I even consider Maroon 5 pop. Being a musician today is good because there is so much diversity in what we consider popular todays music. 

Best Advise.. 
Don't let anyone, even if it is a label, tell you that you can't be yourself and still make it in this business.


Joshua Flores speaks with host Jacqueline Jax about musicians of social media today on instagram. What’s in store for his future and how his songwriting comes from his personal experiences.

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