Joshua Flores New Single Give Me Some Time

Joshua Flores Give Me Some Time.png

Artist: Joshua Flores

New Release: Give Me Some Time

Genre: Pop

This is a kind of upbeat pop song that was influenced partially by Lauv and his style. I wanted to write a kind of positive song that people could feel good about when they listen to it.

I've been writing more music and making more songs lately so people should be seeing more of my music out there soon.

Your song is very positive.. How has the process of writing this effected you? 
Writing this song helped me see things in a different perspective. It was almost like a hopeful kind of feeling since the song was about figuring out a way to be together even if it might be a little difficult. It showed me I don’t always have to look at the bad side of things and just try to be more positive.

What have you struggled with during the process that you learned from?
My biggest struggle was to change my state of mind when it came to writing my songs. I always go straight to heartbreak or sad themed kind of songs but I wanted to do something different and create a song that people can feel good about when they hear it.

What are you most proud of?
I’m most proud of the effort I put when I make these songs. I always try to challenge myself and create something different that’s out of my comfort zone. I just want to make music that I think sounds good even if it’s not what people expect to hear from me.

What most stands out to you about your work? What do you feel you bring to the listeners that you haven't seen from anyone else?
When it comes to my music I think what stands out in my work is the variety of styles. I’m not afraid to put some electronic or R&B vibes into a song if I think it sounds good and works with my vision of what it should sound like. I think I bring a kind of sincerity to my listeners, my music isn’t perfect and I’m constantly working on improving but I want people to hear through my songs me evolving and figuring out the kind of artist I want to be.