'I Wait' New R and B Release from Joshua Flores

Joshua Flores avaliveradio .png

Artist: Joshua Flores

New Release: I Wait

Genre: R&B

Located in: Corpus Christi, Texas

This song is my first attempt to create an R&B song, I wanted to challenge myself and make something that people wouldn't except from me. I was heavily influenced by Khalid and Drake when it came to the vibe of the song with all the harmonies and music production. I will say that I truly express my feelings through this song so I find it very personal and special to me.

This song is important since it's my way of starting to branch out from doing more than just pop music. I've always wanted to do R&B as well and now people will get to see this new side of my music.

 I will be moving to Dallas in June to help put my name out there and continue working on some new songs and perfecting my music production and songwriting.