Behind the music with Karisa Kay on Too Much Blood In My Alcohol System


Artist: Karisa Kay
Song name: Too Much Blood In My Alcohol System
Music Genre:

It is a fast song about an off the cuff remark about needing a drink! “Help me bartender I need your assistance I’ve got too much blood in my alcohol system” a fast, and funny song

The music I create is that old traditional sound with a lot of heart and soul. There’s a  very strong Gospel influence in my sound.

“I’m hoping that my music adds something positive to someone’s day and serves as a powerful healing experience. “

I live in Nashville TN. This use to be considered the country music capital of the world. I would say the music scene here is pretty busy and full of opportunities still for all kinds of music these days.

I alternate between putting out a country and a Gospel album but it is always in keeping with traditional country.  When I’m inspired, I write but I never know when that is gonna be. For me, it all starts with a hook  and after that I can whip up a story rather quickly. I am truly blessed!

The Balance..
It’s easy because I have no life besides music. Music is my life sooo the only way to loose focus would be to drop dead!! One piece of advise that I have always lived by is, ‘Do not be in it for the Money!’ Know that God gave you your gifts and remember to use them to Glorify him in some way!