New Single from Karl Sky 'Free'

Karl Sky avaliveradio .png

Artist: Karl Sky

New Release: Free

Genre: Americana-Rock

Located in: : LaCrosse, WI

Karl Sky's Music is a pleasant, melodical journey that navigates delicately through the human spirit. "Free" is more than about celebrating a feeling of being in one place at one time. It shows us that you can take what life throws at you, unwillingly have your path change and still embrace a freedom that each of us desires I was heavily influenced by groups such as The Beatles, and Singer/Songwriters Jim Croce, John Denver, Van Morrison & Crosby Stills & Nash.

I lean on a heavy blend of acoustic/electric guitar throughout. The acoustic paints the delicate side of the emotional palette and the electric allows the raw energy to escape. I believe anyone can listen to this song and find some element of it in their adult life.

"Free" is technically my first single release ever, off of a brand new album I just finished after having been inactive musically for several years. Bits and pieces of this song go way back to when I first started writing. So I feel I've come full circle and now I have a rather large catalog of music to show the world.

Right now I am actively working with an influencial publisher in Nashville, focusing on perfecting other songs in my catalog, that will be pitched to major artists.