Karla Carlita gets something positive out of negativity 'With A Smile On Her Face'

Karla Carlita with a smile on her face.png

Artist: Karla Carlita

New Release: With A Smile On Her Face

Genre: Indie Pop. SingerSongwriter

Located in: : The Netherlands, City Dalfsen

Hello Everyone, who's listening to A.V.A Live Radio. I hope you’re all doing well!!
My name is Karla Carlita and I'm a Singer-songwriter.

I've been writing songs for more than 10 years now. I write songs about Life about my experiences. This song With A Smile On Her Face is a personal one. I wrote this song back in 2014 when I got caught by a serious disease without feeling ill. It just happened to me, one day I was happy and the next day my world fell apart. The state of disbelief I was in! Not to forget the struggling my family and the loved ones around me went through.

In that period I wrote this song knowing that there are so many others, processing the same feelings of despair, whether you are the ill one or stand alongside, feeling so helpless. With this song, I want to give strength and power to the ones who need it so much. Holding hands and everything else you want so desperately to do, to help that person and try to keep remembering the good times above the bad ones. Even in the most worse scenario, trying to get something positive out of negativity so that we can keep moving on during our lives. And now after many years of recovering, I had to release this song!

Releasing this song is a way for me to deal with this anxious period. A way to process this trauma. This song will touch you and grab you because of the beautiful music read strings and voices and probably is going to bring some emotional feelings to you, the listener. But above all, I hope you like my work and if it touches you then my job is completed. Love you all!! KC.


You can describe my music as a pop Indie/ Singer-songwriter, influenced by many artists, because I do like pop, rock, blues, R&B, dance music and so on, I write a song in the mood where I'm in. If I am happy I write a happy song, and if I am sad then it's going to be a sad one. I can write almost about everything.

My second single is on his way to release. I hope to bring it out this year, and its a whole different one. So I'm very excited!! This release of my first single is important because it is a way to deal with this anxious period I was in and a way to process this trauma.

This is my first single release, I've been written a lot of songs during these 10 years, I'm going to release my 2nd single soon, want to make an EP!! Already made a beautiful music video together with this first single you can watch now on youtube, hope you do!! and of course, when people are interested I will go on tour, no problem, but my main goal is making music and hope that it will contribute to their lives.