New Release from Kelli Brogan 'If this is all there is'

Kelli Brogan avaliveradio.png

Artist: Kelli Brogan
Genre: Adult Contemporary

Kelli Brogan is an award winning singer/songwriter from Melbourne, Australia. Her brand new single, IF THIS IS ALL THERE IS, has lyrics that will resonate with many - the emotion will ‘speak’ to them. The song has a truth that the audience will appreciate and make them think about their lives; we all need to be able to take charge of our lives and make changes. Settling for second best should never be an option. Kelli is hoping that this song and music video will be her introduction to the world as the powerhouse artist that she is.

“Music has a freedom about it like no other. When I create a song, or sing a song, I can make that song mean whatever I want it to, while still allowing others to give it the meaning that they want it to have. With music, I can be anyone I want to be and do anything I want to do. For me, life without music is a life half lived.”

Kelli Brogan joins host Jacqueline Jax for a chat from Melbourne Australia about her newest release 'If this is all there is' and the making of the music video from concept to execution. The song was recorded in the US with songwriter / producer .... as a touching song encouraging people to take charge of their lives and never settle for a life that offers less than you deserve. Listen to this amazing experience that has become a major musical time capsule in Kelli's career. Her EP will move forward pressing out singles one the next years with upcoming song "The woman I was".