Kerry Kathleen Releases her Debut EP Reverie

Kerry Kathleen avaliveradio.JPG

Artist: Kerry Kathleen

New Release: “Reverie” 3 track EP

Genre: Indie pop

Located in: Santa Rosa, CA

Reverie is about a dream state, and being able to come alive and be yourself in the nighttime . This song will lift people up and make you feel sexy.

This EP has just released (September 27th 2019) and is a milestone for me. I’m so proud to finally be able to release these songs to the world. Reverie, Homegirl, Bright and Right back are all better than I could have imagined.


The music..

Music is able to get us out of our funks, lift us up, and remind us that life is beautiful. It has been a constant in my life and it is a creative outlet and it makes me feel so happy and can be healing after a stressful day. My lyrics are always from the heart and I believe that rawness from true vocals is the most powerful part of songwriting. For me, It has to come from my own experiences.

Why do you make music?

I make music because of the vibe it brings and how soothing and uplifting it is for my soul.

I recently released my debut single ‘Homegirl’ and I’m extremely proud of how the production turned out. The song was written about my roommate and is personal to me. I want it to be on everyones chill down tempo playlists similar to Alina Baraz.

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