Kid Norkjen Raises a New Single From Taxman to celebrate his New Album



New Release: From Taxman

Genre: Rock -pop

Located in: Trondheim Norway
 “This album is quite simply a masterpiece with a mix of the five "old songs", and the 10 new ones. Normally when you are buying albums you expect to find a couple of tracks you really like and a load of extra average songs, but on this album every single song is super, with it’s own story, great melodies and a unique and highly polished style.

Kids Nashville album number four is a classic. This should become a world renowned classic album, and it is to be hoped that it is picked up and showcased as it really deserves. It is almost impossible to pick the best track. If you try, you will no doubt change as you keep finding new things about the other songs that you like”. All lyrics is drawn from his personal experiences and the music influenced by some music legends like The Beatles, Procol Harum, Mark Knopfler, and other, but whilst you can hear those influences, it is made in Kids individual style. Brilliantly recorded with great Nashville players, inspiring stuff and those catchy tunes will be bouncing around in your head...


The music we are creating is...
Taken from his new album "Into the vault", recorded in Nashville, released in February 2019.
The new album "Into the vault" released on 4th of February 2019.

When Kid Norkjen was writing songs for his new album "Into the vault" he had written 10 new tracks. Then he thought; why not get into the vault to look into the great songbook for songs that were written in the 70's, 80s, but never recorded. So he and his brother went digging deep into the songbook and picked five songs. 
When Kid grow up, he shared a room with his brother Rune. They started writing songs. During a period of five years they wrote more than 300 songs. All songs were written down into a songbook that was called "The great songbook". Back then the songs were recorded on a Tandberg tape recorder.


Right now we are...
This is album number 4 since 2015 and Kid is already stared working on next album to be recorded in Nashville to be released in 2020