New Single from Kid Norkjen 'Red light Green light'

Kid Norkjen AVA LIVE RADIO rock mania.png

Artist: Kid Norkjen

New Release: Red light Green light

Genre: singer-songwriter-rock

Located in: Trondheim, Norway

The new Kid Norkjen single is recorded in Nashville with great session players (The A team). Musically inspired by George Harrison and the Traveling Wilburys, the lyric ask the difficult question what is red light and what is green light in a a relation.

The music we are creating is...
A new album is coming up in February 2019 and this is the single that hopefully will make some interest for the album.

Right now we are...
The new album recorded in Nashville will be my best

LINKS: spotify:album:4pj9GoOquKpnkTvgUYS0Q2