KidMafia Featuring Chad B Releases Date a Song about Kid's in the NYC

KidMafia .JPG

Artist: KidMafia Featuring Chad B

New Release: Date

Genre: HipHop/ Rap

Located in: : Newark,NJ

Song is about a NYC kid’s idea of a Date / relationship goals and summer vibes with a female. It’s a mid tempo slow grind for the clubs. The track has achieved a solid vibe just in time for a chill summer season.

Already a fan favorite with a winning combination of mood & energy, this single is getting the clubs in that summer vibe just in time for the warmer weather.

Right now we are...
Hopefully, I’ll be working on a music video this coming season and then it’s straight to work on a debut album. I’m looking forward to hearing feedback on this latest release and there’s alot more to come.