New Pop Single from Kolton Stewart 'Move On'

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Artist: Kolton Stewart

New Release: Move On

Genre: Singer-Songwriter / indie / soft pop

Located in: Toronto, Ontario

I consider myself to be a diverse artist ranging in many different genres. Some of my main inspirations are Ed Sheeran, Justin Timberlake, Ray Charles, Elton John, and Michael Jackson. I am also currently really into Lauv and Charlie Puth. This new song that I have released (Move On) is the first song that I have released where I have fully wrote and produced solely by myself. Not only is producing a new passion for me, but I have found that I am artistically able to do everything I want when I have full creative control which has been everything to me.

I think in result, this song is my favourite thing that I have ever released and it really shows who I am as an artist. This song truly means a lot to me and shows the place where I am in my life and I hope you enjoy it as much as I have making it!


This release is so important in my music direction because…
this is the first release that I have fully wrote and produced myself. I am currently experimenting in the whole independent philosophy and have really just been making everything by myself and am promoting completely organically. I am really excited to see where this new musical journey will take me. I have never been more proud of where I am as an artist and I just hope to continue to grow as a musician and artist.

I am most excited to continue this writing/producing journey I am on…
The past month I have written over 15 songs and I am just hoping to continue to expand my arsenal so that come 2019 I am fully prepared to start generating consistent releases. I am also headlining my first ever Christmas concert in about a week so I am extremely excited to play for a sold out show as my true love is live performances!!

Twitter- @KoltonStewart

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