Behind The Music with Kristin Moura on Turn On The Gravity

Band Name: Kristin Moura

Song name: Turn On The Gravity

Music Genre: Pop

I live in... I live in Boston, MA

Link to play:

Turn On The Gravity is about just having the force of gravity to keep us grounded to life. "Can't keep my feet off the ground, everything's spinning around". There is a lot that goes on and sometimes it’s hard to stay focused. My music is inspired by all the drama around me and others.

It’s relatable for everyone because it gets to the root of the problem. Everyone constantly has things spinning around themselves (So much going on) and we need to find a way to keep our feet on the ground. So if we turn on gravity, this will help ground us to our routine for days to come. 

There is always drama between people that create these obscure stories that sometimes bend the truth. It doesn't make it difficult to focus; I take it as an experience and roll with it. It’s just something you can create another story about or song.

I think this song is relatable for everyone. It was co-written years ago and I think it's good to bring back the message of the song in today's time.

What most inspires you?: 
I create music because it’s an outlet to express myself. I feel like I have more of a voice with music. People listen to the lyrics and it gives me more hope that it can help others.

How do you stay focused?
I keep focus because I am motivated and I have the drive to succeed. I accomplish at least one thing a day; which helps me get closer to long term goals. 

My favorite instrument is…
the guitar. It just has a great acoustic sound that people love today.

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What do you wish you had known when you started that you know now?
I wish I knew how to say no. I wish I tried collaborating more early on because I think I would be in a whole different situation now as a songwriter. I let too many people walk all over me in the past regarding my own work but now that I know what I want, no one can tell me otherwise anymore.

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What does “Hustle” mean for a creative?
Independent artists need to focus on their growth and you need to figure out who you are and what you want to do with it. Then you can come up with ways to get there just in your own speed.


Being a musician today means…
you need to be ready for all the opportunities that come your way. If you love writing, keep writing. It will strengthen your skills so that when someone asks you to co write; you can say I'm on it! If you love singing, do it daily! It will keep your motivation up there.

Staying inspired and motivated even when life gets hard. I work around the environment I’m in and run with my passion to get things done when I can. That means lot of sleepless nights and steady progress.

As an artist have you ever reached a plateau or a feeling like you are not seeing progress?
Sometimes but I typically just make a list and move through it one step at a time. At this point I just trust that my direction is right and I’m comfortable learning as I go along.

How have you grown emotionally in the past few years?
I feel like I’m a totally different artist today than I was 6 years ago. My skills are better but mostly I’ve just learned alot more about the industry.

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