Songwriter Kristin Moura is keeping us grounded with her New Single 'Turn On The Gravity'

Kristin Moura avaliveradio NMM.png

Artist: Kristin Moura

New Release: Turn On The Gravity

Genre: Pop

Located in: Boston, Ma

Turn On The Gravity is about just having the force of gravity to keep us grounded to life. "Can't keep my feet off the ground, everything's spinning around". There is a lot that goes on and sometimes it’s hard to stay focused. My music is inspired by all the drama around me and others.

It’s relatable for everyone because it gets to the root of the problem. Everyone constantly has things spinning around themselves (So much going on)and we need to find a way to keep our feet on the ground. So if we turn on gravity, this will help ground us to our routine for days to come. 

There is always drama between people that create these obscure stories that sometimes bend the truth. It doesn't make it difficult to focus; I take it as an experience and roll with it. It’s just something you can create another story about or song.

I think this song is relatable for everyone. It was co-written years ago and I think it's good to bring back the message of the song in today's time.

Right now I am...
always writing and creating material. I am planning on releasing these last few originals as an EP.