Kylie Westerbeck Sweet, Sweet, Yellow

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Artist: Kylie Westerbeck

New Release: Sweet, Sweet, Yellow

Genre: Americana/Country

Located in: Philadelphia, PA (Originally from Fredericksburg, VA)

This song is...
From influences like Chris Stapleton, Florence and the Machine, Kasey Musgraves, and The Staves, Kylie Westerbeck combines heavy harmony and strong instrumentation, that makes this song a perfect song to uplift your darkest days. Kylie initially wrote “Sweet, Sweet, Yellow” in a time of experiencing immense grief. Through her experiences of grief, Kylie learned the importance of valuing self- growth and self-love. She hopes to reach new listeners looking for empowerment and strength in a difficult time.

The music we are creating is...
This song is part of Kylie’s debut album, “Bellow”. When writing the album, Kylie was reminded of the therapeutic value of music and its power in overcoming tough obstacles. Before recording, she had no idea the immense pull that country music would have over her sound. She has always had roots in country music, but has re-found her passion in writing it. This album is a starting point for Kylie’s career. It has opened the door and continued her love and motivation in country music. Using her background in Americana and country while combining it with her love of all genres of music, Kylie is hoping she can excel in finding herself inside the genre and producing new music that is as unique as her.


Right now we are...
Kylie has just relocated to the Philadelphia area, and will be traveling to Nashville for the month of June to pursue her music. In the next few months Kylie will be performing all across Philadelphia. In addition to traveling and performing, Kylie will be producing and releasing her next EP, “Summertime” in June 2019.


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AVA LIVE Radio I can't believe how much good good independent music is out there and how many kick ass artists are out there grinding to keep music alive. 

I especially enjoy the track "Sweet, Sweet Yellow, by Kylie Westerbeck. The track is perfect for a Sunday afternoon and flows down easy like a smooth bourbon. "Best Thing" by Kendall Thompson is also the goods. So good, in fact, that I made my own playlist copy of your playlist. Can't wait to dig into this list more. - Ryan Boyce