Labán captures the Intensity of a short but fiery relationship in New Single Acércate

Artist: Labán

New Release: Acércate

Genre: Pop, singer-songwriter

Located in: Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico

Acércate is a song about an intense but short relationship that left the artist asking for more. It is the sweetness of pain. It is part of the upcoming album Todos Somos Dueños de Aquí.

The principle of respect for human life is part of the album’s concept and a central idea. Therefore, each of the songs is associated with a vital part of the human body. The function of each part is related to the song’s intention. This is the fourth single from the album.


Musically, it leans towards Jazz, Pop, RnB, Funk, and Rock. The lyrical content goes from protest against corruption, impunity, extreme income inequality and violence to frustration and existential crisis to love relationships and friendship.

A new trumpet funky tune, "Feel the Distance" will be the fifth single and it will come shortly after this one. We have a short but amazingly cool tour in certain cities of Mexico and the US will be announced after the release of the album, soon.