La Roboká | Electro Pop Performer in Berlin Deals with Bipolar Disorder Through Music

La Roboká.png

Artist: La Roboká

New Release: Bipolar

Genre: Electro Pop

Located in: : Berlin, Germany

This song is about a person trying to dance away her bipolar disorder. The music we are creating is our own version of electro-pop-rock. La Roboká started four month ago and consists of a classic soprano singer and a film-composer. So we are, in fact, two artists from completely different musical worlds. A classical voice hooked to electronic dance beats? Why one earth should we do this?! Because it´s so much fun!

About us: We are Lady K & Robulus. Who are we exactly? Who knows for sure? Lady K has an ongoing history on opera stages. Robulus not only composes film music but is also working as a director. We know each other for a long time until we saw our potential during a film production we’ve both worked on. With La Roboká we share our common interest in exciting, sometimes dancable, sometimes captivating music and putting on an extra layer of theatrics.

Right now we are...
working heavily on our debut EP ‘MASKALICIOUS’ which will come out in April this year. With this record we will jump between genres, give you an emotional anthem to sing along and then surprise you with an ecstatic danceable electropop tune. Oh and yes, we sometimes switch to german in our lyrics. So good luck figuring out what thats all about…