New Single from Le Canal 'Connected'

Le Canal avaliveradio.png

Artist: Le Canal
New Release: Connected
Genre: alt.rock / singer-songwriter
Göteborg, Sweden

During summer of 2018, Le Canal started recording a bunch of new songs for upcoming full length album. With some gigs coming up in july and august, the band wanted to quickly release a new single released on the 31 st of july.

"I always loved music, to play and to listen. It's a great art, powerful but invisible. And then still, it's only music - it can never be wrong."



JACQUELINEJAX: With a soft touch and modish vocal style, Le Canal gives the listener something real to connect with. You can’t help but feel intimately captivated by this band when you listen to their songs and get to know them like a new friend.

darinjellisonmusicI love this vibe.

jacquelinejaxI’m getting addicted to their sound.

jacquelinejax@darinjellisonmusic me too

awildfrontierReally cool sound🤘

homerikofficialSmooooooth. Love the guitar work

carmentoth111Totally sounds like something that would get paid placement for ads 🤘🏻💜

thecocoscottI love it—beautiful vibes

indiemusicspin@thecocoscott that’s really kind. We like this one as well.

indiemusicspin@carmentoth111 I agree. I think this one will get picked up as well

indiemusicspin@homerikofficial is it nice I agree

indiemusicspin@awildfrontier I’ve been enjoying the other songs released as well by this artist. But this is my favorite.

avaliveradioVery nice. I enjoyed the song. You’ve got heat style and charm

avaliveradio@clauddy5@miss_dilemma@godzam @djdiana_montana@rhe_rhee 
@katlanemusic j @electricjiggy


avaliveradio@jaecabrera@theurbanstate @jordanbarone_

jaecabrera@indiemusicspin loving the smooth vibe on this #leCanal

alv1ntheproducerNot my style but gotta give a thumb up for the nice acoustic vybe 🙂🙌🏼🙌🏼


thekristinmouraLove the acoustic vibe