New Single from Liah Alonso & DJ Taz Rashid Light to the Universe

Liah Alonso & DJ Taz Rashid avaliveradio.jpg

Artist: Liah Alonso & DJ Taz Rashid


Genre: Dance/POP

Located in: : New York, NY

This song is...
Excited to announce my new song, LIGHT TO THE UNIVERSE - remixed by DJ TAZ RASHID will hit the global airwaves and a hot dance floor or yoga studio near you March 1st! Light To The Universe is a musical prayer for love, light and peace that was inspired by an ancient prayer whose origin is unknown. I first heard some of the words of this prayer from a yogic sage many years ago and forgot about it until I was asked to perform at WANDERLUST YOGA AND MUSIC FESTIVAL last year. I saw the Festival as an opportunity and a challenge to combine my love of yoga and passion for music. This Remix Is the first of a 7 song collaboration with the world famous Producer/DJ Taz Rashid.

The music we are creating is...
LIGHT TO THE UNIVERSE is the first single from the album collaboration between international troubadour and Gypsy Cowgirl, Liah Alonso and DJ/Producer Taz Rashid. The two artists have joined together to bring positivity and mindfulness to dance floors and yoga studios around the world.

Right now we are...
Stay tuned for the LIGHT TO THE UNIVERSE music video! The video features dancer and tv host, Vandana Hart (We Speak Dance) and Liah dancing with majestic horses! Liah and Taz are currently getting ready to launch a single every month along with a video:) The two will be touring both solo and together in 2019 and 2020.