Behind The Music with Living Waters on "Let It Reign"

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Band Name: Living Waters
Person Interviewing: Mark Lajoie & Mike McBride

Song name: Let It Reign

Music Genre: Orchestral Christian Rock

I live in... New Hampshire

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This song is about finding Amazing Grace by coming into Communion with each other through the Cup and the Bread, The Lord Himself, offered on the altar, that ‘Happy Day’ when he washes our sins away. We experience this flowing grace like a hurricane, a deluge, a crashing storm. Yet it is this violent change, this torrent of Living Waters, which satisfies the deep thirst of our souls. Coming to this realization, with great confidence we submit ourselves to what He wants, which is Love and Mercy Itself, and we say, ‘Bring it on! If a storm is what is needed? Let it Reign!


This is THE thematic climax of our whole album. The FLOW of every song has led up to this one. The listener, previously awash in confusion, pain and lack of purpose, realizes he/she is truly loved, that ‘there is a Place to go where joy will overflow’, there really is an eternal Destination to give an invincible purpose to life.

Band members:
Mark Lajoie
Mike McBride
Greg Loell
Dave Bourque
Denise Vassel
Tony Vassel
Joshua Loell - producer

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This song is so unique for us in a couple of ways…
The first thing is that we have always been a Christian ROCK band, and this is more of a cinematic, orchestral piece. The producer of this album was Greg’s son. Greg Loell has always been our lead guitarist. Joshua Loell has an amazing gift, unlike anything I’ve ever seen. He has already won Hollywood Best Film Score awards! The rest of our album is more standardly like ourselves, even using several songs from the 70’s & 80’s, but Josh took Mike’s standard demo, and had a vision for this one that ended up being SO different and YET perfect for the song! As Mike observed, ‘this really is a Living Waters song’. Josh has done something at which you can only marvel in wonder. He has used a completely different style to faithfully express who we are and who we’ve always been over 42 years, and have it fit it perfectly into the album.

A second thing is that we have a double lead vocal with Mike & Mark in this song. I don’t believe we have ever done that before. Mark Lajoie & Mike McBride have always been the lead composers and vocalists for this band from the beginning. [I always like to joke that instead of the Lennon & McCartney L & M, we have Lajoie & McBride!) On this album, Mike & Mark songs alternate in the flow, much as we always did in our concerts through the years. We have always perfectly complemented each other’s songs in a way that is almost magical, adding just the right vocal or arrangement pattern to make each other’s songs more than what they were. This always made ‘Living Waters’ one thing, But here we have blended together in a brand new way. I’ll never forget the recording sessions this summer for this and the whole album. Mike and I were on fire! As believers, we would say we were ‘anointed’ with God’s Holy Spirit of love for this and all the vocals we did together (most all the songs, btw) were incredible.

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How do you think this release represents your current direction..
I must say that EVERY effort, work, prayer, sacrifice, tear, and dance of joy of EACH member of Living Waters down through the many years has borne fruit in this CD; even down to the next generation, represented in Josh, by his extraordinary talents and sweat in producing this CD. Each life who has touched Living Waters, the performing company, is weak, frail, sinful, for sure. Everything we’ve played, sung, danced and lived together can be seen in the culminating work of this CD and the life work of each member of the group, individually and as a whole, over time to this day.

And, we all sense, that we are not done, not by any stretch. We were thrilled to be able to include all the core classic members of the band in this process, and now that we have the hang of it, there are so many projects started and waiting to be completed, including what would be our first studio Christmas album. Who knows what these will look like or become? If they are anything like what we were just blessed with in “Overflow”? they will yet another miracle of expression and identity.

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?
We started out in 1976 with all of our big concert songs being covers. But, several people we trust told us that we had a very special gift, and we ought to not just copy others, but to be ourselves, because that was truly extraordinary. We’ve never looked back.

Favorite quote:
"I am not afraid because God is with me. I was born for this!" St. Joan of Arc
We were born for this….

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New Episode 680 Behind The Music with Living Waters on  Let It Reign

Musicians Mark Lajoie & Mike McBride from Christian ROCK Band Living Waters connect with Jacqueline Jax on their new single ‘Let It Reign’ to talk about their music project and journey up to this point. How being a band together since 1976 has become not just a family but the music has become a spiritual experience and glue keeping them all close.

Additional discussions:
The gift of music and how musicians need to marry the skill and emotion into the performance. How to exceed your own expectations and look for your direction. The process of making music and bringing larger music projects together.

Coming up:
The band is talking about doing a Christmas studio album and performance. We also are thinking about producing music books for our music fans to learn the originals and discover a deeper relationship with the work we have created.