Living Waters Releases a Christian Rock Single called Anna Post Writing

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Artist: Living Waters

New Release: Anna Post Writing

Genre: Christian Rock

Located in: New Hampshire

This song is...
This is a story like just about anyone's now. What's happening here is Anna Post's life is falling apart and she's burying herself in her work. But then she has an amazing experience, gets the answer to her prayer and reaches out again. It's a little 70's rocker that goes back to our roots as a band, now resurrected in 2019, deep in our roots but full of the vigor of a new creation.

The music we are creating is...
It is part of our newest album, "Overflow". It is our very first full-length studio-produced album since our founding in 1976. (We did have a two-song EP, and several collections of older tracks and live pieces.) This album is like saving the best for last. It has several of our earliest rockers, yet also has some of our newest most innovative creations. It is like a cumulative climax to everything we've done and are.

Right now we are...
This album is just released a couple of weeks ago! We are so excited to share it in any way we can!