New Single from London Songwriter Liz Cirelli 'Rise'

Liz Cirelli  Awakening album cover.png

Artist: Liz Cirelli

New Release: Rise

Genre: Alternative RnB, vapor soul, indie RnB, folktronica,

Located in: : London

This song is...
The world feels like quite a dark place at times, especially at the moment. This song was made to provide a short respite...a breath of fresh air. A sensual, catchy and uplifting love song with breathy, ethereal vocals and crisp, bouncy percussion. A memorable, rhythmic organ riff is played throughout the song - and soft pads and strings give the track beautiful layers of texture and emotion.

This song can be about a lot of things. It can be about freedom: to be free from the false and imagined shackles of human existence so that we can soar. It can be about what it feels to be light and liberated, weightless and boundless. It can be about having the courage to accept God's will: to go against the grain of society and 'rise' above the rest. It can also be about feeling stimulated by a lover's desire, to feel their warm embrace during the night and to seek comfort and pleasure in their physical body. Rise: to raise our vibration: to be aligned with love energy.

The music we are creating is...
designed to be deeply healing, deeper than magic...and something that will remain a timeless masterpiece...

Right now we are...
preparing to remix a track from Gavin Greenaway's new album, "Woven", and also preparing to start performing live shows of my recently released album, "Awakening". I've also been releasing music videos for my album - the next one is due to be released on May 17th.