London Band Vix 20 releases a tongue in cheek on Trump in 'Hashtag Change '

Artist: Vix 20

New Release: Hashtag Change

Genre: Power pop

Located in: London

‘Hashtag Change’ is a song that’s a tongue in cheek look at President Trump. Unashamed Power Pop that doesn't take its self to seriously. We love all music from Abba to Zeppelin and everything in between.

We have been in the music business for along time we have had releases in Metal, rock and pop. We now only release what we like and have no pressures from labels etc. Video for Hashtag has just been completed, can’t wait to show it to the world!

@vixtwenty (twitter)


Richard Seeram Love this. This is so true.

Pål-Andre Wabø Gismervik Hopefully help someone who’s struggling with suicidal thoughts, or someone who lost their loved ones with this song 💙

Mark Lajoie So, you say no one loves and no one seems to care? Sing to Jesus. he cares always.

Jacqueline Jax It's all about thinking of what kind of value you can bring to your audience. I love that you have raised a conversation.