Behind the Music with M4ch1n3 on Make it Rain

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Band Name: M4ch1n3 (Machine)

Person Interviewing: Jacob Machine

Song name: Make it Rain

Music Genre: Electronic / Hip Hop

I live in...
I'm originally from prison city Huntsville, Texas. Spent a few years in West Palm Beach, Florida & now I have spent a few weeks in Los Angeles.

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This song is about...
Being confident in yourself on stage to generate a lifestyle (to make it rain). Wether you're a stripper, stage performer, speaker or Dj, if you're making your money on stage you've gotta have an attitude against what anyone else thinks and just be yourself. Do your thing, live your life & if you're good at what you do, hopefully make it rain!

I started creating music as my own form of survival. To cope with my decade and a half long experience in the woods taking care of my Mother with my family, I wrote. After stacking up thousands of pages of poetry and having no one to read what I wrote, I began watching others to teach myself how to create music from the ground up & gave my poetry a home. I learned my own strange ways of recording, mixing & mastering to produce a big sound with very limited resources.

With production from friends, I've released over 70 songs in less than a year. In the past decade I've recorded over 20 albums for myself and other local artists. I'm a writer workaholic who fell in love with music. All I do is create every day & I'm just now seeing my chance to walk out of the woods and be a part of the world.

I've produced, filmed, created soundtracks for & released full length no budget feature films. I have every single day written down from my life since September 16th, 2006. 51 notebooks as of now. Only 10 years of music in and I'm only just getting started. My goal is to take my Machine brand into a media corporation inspiring the American dreamer through music and film. To build a constantly generating thought machine of artwork for the future.

How do you think this release represents your current direction?
This is just a single step in a much greater body of work. In terms of representing my own current direction, I think the last words that are repeated at the end of the song & how they are said to the music is a perfect representation of how I feel right now & my current direction. & just like that - it's all about the money now.

What most inspires you? 
Seeking experience & understanding, as a writer first, is what inspires me more than anything else. Coming from a past suicidal mind state, every action forward of my existence even beyond art is another step towards possibility. That's why I'm an obsessive workaholic artist. I believe that by hard work, patience & consistency anything is possible. I'm here to test that & see how much I can possibly do without expectation in every aspect of life. I'm going to make my music. Film my movies. Write my books. Work my jobs. Love my love. Speak my truth. Without fear. Hopefully others can learn from my process as I live, experience and understand my own life. I'll be creating new art every day regardless, just in case.

How do you feel about the music business today?
I think there is a greater opportunity right now than ever before for truly independent artists to become their own businesses on their own terms. The industry and artist are both going through phases of adaptation to the new world of technology and I believe it's exciting actually. Independents & Industry can coexist and grow together.

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Behind The Music with M4ch1n3 (Machine) on Make it Rain 


Jacob chats with Jacqueline Jax about his music, upcoming release and how he uses writing to improve himself. The power of positive thinking to generate wealth and success. How to figure out your best self.

“I've produced, filmed, created soundtracks for & released full length no budget feature films.
I have every single day written down from my life since September 16th, 2006. “
April 19th New Hip Hop Album with a modern edge coming out.