New Single from Madstone 'Mr.Bones Wild Ride'


Band: Madstone

New Single: Mr.Bones Wild Ride

Rock music


Madstone is a southern rock band from central Texas. With a new drummer, James York in place, the band is stronger than ever. Bass player is still Andy Ramos and James Stone, vocals, guitar and writer are back with a new energy and ready to take that Wild ride into 2019.

Mr.Bones Wild Ride is hard rock about a slow ride. It’s also a custom-designed ride from the computer simulation game Roller Coaster Tycoon 2. The ride purportedly lasted four years of game time ...

It went 3 1/2 mph and when you were done with the ride, you walked all around the park to come back to the entrance where the sign reads "The ride never ends".  Pour some whisky and tun it up.  This is our most popular tune.

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