Behind the Music with Marcus Hernandez from Orchestra Fuego


Person Interviewing: Marcus Hernandez from Orchestra Fuego

Song name: Pa'l Barrio Yo Me Voy

Music Genre: Latin

I live in... Land O Lakes, FL

Link to play::

Pa'l Barrio Yo Me Voy (Going back to my Hood), is recalling the days of my Hood. Pa'l Barrio Yo Me Voy (Going back to the Hood) is a song about remembering when I grew up in the Hood. Great Guitar solo; a Santana Style song.

This song is part our 4th album and have already won several awards, including best Salsa song for 2019 and have been featured on two main stream Music Magazines. This is by far our best work yet.

Orchestra Fuego-Promotion Cover-2019 HD.jpg

We are a high energy Salsa band from the Tampa Bay Area and we love creating our own music. Our music is just at the right tempo for those Salsa dance Enthusiast. Our goal is to bring back Salsa music to it's glory days. We have made a huge impact in our area and many more people, including the non-Latinos to come out and enjoy our music

How do you think this release represents your current direction..
Pa'l Barrio Yo Me Voy’ is part of our 4th album and always wanted to do a Santana Style song. This new track features an awesome guitarist from my area.

What most inspires you?: 
I am a Salsa aficionado, born with an affinity for Latin music that can be traced to my very molecules of my DNA. Growing up in the boroughs of New York City, I was heavily influenced by two local Latin greats: the Grammy Award-winning pianist Eddie Palmieri and Puerto Rican Salsa legend Willie Rosario. Creating original music is very satisfying to the soul and just love performing music that we created. I am a pianist and it has been my favorite instrument since very young. I did try trumpet and bass guitar, but piano has been my favorite

What do you think of the music business & being a musician today?
Unfortunately the music business hasn't changed much and it's very hard to make a living on music alone, especially Latin music and with such a large band (12 of us), hard to just perform anywhere. But, those things don’t get me down, on the contrary I continue to create and record to pave the way for other Latin artist. If you believe in what you're doing, don’t give up.

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