Behind The Music with MARLOE on The Day I Knew I Needed You

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Band Name: MARLOE.

Person Interviewing: MARLOE. NA

Song name: The Day I Knew I Needed You

Music Genre: Indie Pop

I live in: Queensland, Australia

Link to play:

This song is about...
the day you realize you needed someone to come into your life to teach you the beauty in being vulnerable and fully surrendering yourself to falling in love.

My music explores themes of unwavering love, heartache and empowerment. Think luminescent, poetic pop with splashes of 80’s electronica, layered with lush vocals and velvety melodies.


How do you think this release represents your current direction.
“The Day I Knew I Needed You” really encapsulates who I am as a person, it’s fun yet emotive. I think for my first release it represents where I am at this point in my life and career and I imagine that as I continue to grow and evolve as an individual, so will my music. Yeah I worked with a great team of people on this release over in Nashville which really helped me open up and explore different parts of myself musically, which I may not have experienced if I was working alone on this project.

What most inspires you?
I’m inspired by people, honest human connection and failure. All of the parts of life that make you feel like you’re floating above the ground or buried beneath it. Those are the moments I feel most alive and where I tend to find inspiration. I think my favorite instrument would be the piano, there’s something about it that really takes me to a different place.

The Music industry…
Just like artists the music industry is constantly adapting and evolving to the world around it and I feel super lucky to be a part of such an empowering community.

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