Behind The Music with Martell Lacey on Spell On Me


When I was young my father opened me up to different sounds of music and no to be stuck to one sound.

That clarifies my love for different genres. My music is different in its own right. Multi genre eliminating creative boundaries so I can create freely. This is an introduction to me, my music, and theme. It will only get better from this point forward.

Song name: Spell On Me (Radio Club Mix)
Music Genre:: Multi-Genre
I live in: Houston, Tx

Being in love with a person so much that it's almost a fault. You are so blinded by that love that you ignore things that bother you. This person has you doing things you wouldn't ordinarily do. Doesn't matter what they do you love them unconditionally.

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Interview Notes:
How to be our own inspiration and not depend on anyone to make you happy. You must get to a place where you desire to be you and no one else. People aren't born with insecurity, that's something that other people put upon you. Martell also talks about how to admire people yet understand that the grass isn't necessarily greener on the other side.

Talking about songwriting and finding yourself through your music. How to realize your individual gifts and feel good about that. Understand how to build yourself up and protect your immediate environment.

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