Behind The Music with Matt Tucker on Buzz Bait


Band Name:Matt Tucker

Song name:Buzz Bait

Music Genre::Country

One of my favorite things growing up… fishing. Then the older I got… another one of my favorite things, women. Then the older I got another one of my favorite things…. chugging or taking a sip

My music is fun, versatile, emotional, lyrical, rocking. Music for me in general is how I cope with life and gives the feeling that I have some control with the outcome of something. Over the years my writing has matured a lot, I’m currently working on more subjects very close to my heart and things I really feel like I can totally express to the listener. Not just singing a cool hook with a great melody and beat.

I feel this song is a fun summer jam that I total believe in and fits what’s “in” with the country music industry today.

90 percent of the folks that review the song, like the song. It always goes over well with the crowd at our shows. As of in the direction I currently feel I want to go with my music career. I feel it shows I have a fun side with lyrically clever ways to talk about it. Musically, I love it. I co-produced this song and had my band play everything you hear. I’m proud of what we created because I didn’t come from a music scholar background or degree in the music industry. I came from just plan old “pass it down the line” family talent, I guess. I feel it reflects my childhood, the fun side of seeing that childhood and growing up and learning how to take life with a grain of salt, one day at a time and every once in a while, “wet a line”. MT

Creating the Music…
It all started back in 2008 when my on was born. I was living with mom and dad, living paycheck to paycheck. At 22 years old I found myself having to fund and raise a little boy and felt lost in the sense that the feel -good carefree lifestyle I was living, was suddenly disappearing, anxiety started taking over. Since I didn’t have enough funds to support my new lifestyle and old lifestyle, I found myself sitting around when I wasn’t working and decided to teach myself to play guitar.

Couple years after playing gig with my dad, I started my own band in the Charlotte, NC area. A couple years past playing with these guys and I took 3 songs I had written to Nashville to record with Pat Holt. Pat produced many many of the big ones from the 80’s and 90’s. Waylon, Willie, Kristofferson, Cash, Alabama… list goes on and on.

He also played drums for Doctor Hook for a while in his younger days. We picked up one more song from Hall of Fame Songwriter, Sam Tate. Sam wrote hits like, “Going Through Hell” Rodney Adkins, “Somebody” Reba McEntire, “Moments” Emerson Drive.

I recorded a song Sam wrote called “Workin It”, and that song was my first country rock release and to this day is still a big crowd pleaser with our shows. I soon after started collabing in a songwriters network in Nashville for the next few years, balancing a full time job, playing gigs and spending the rest of my hours in Nashville writing and networking. To this day I’ve released 3 music projects, with most recent recorded in a studio I help construct, literally. It’s currently a very successful studio in Fort Mill, SC, recording a wide range of genres. 2018, my goals are to write a lot and record the best stuff I’ve ever written.

I really want to make that connection with the audience, and see where I can take my music on a larger platform. With technology in the music business the way it is today it’s easy for so many people to make demos at home, make records at home, co-write with others that are in another town, state, across the country or even across the world for that matter. There are pros and cons to everything, I can say that I love how the new stuff makes it easier for us on the road with loading in and sound check. It’s great for the stuff in the studio as well, there are countless possibilities and really no limitations as to what you can do with music now days.


“It’s very hard sometimes to maintain balance in my life with music. I go through spells where it feels like rock bottom, but you got to keep your head as high as you can. It’s like riding a bike, walking down the street, or running… if you fall, you get back up, dust off and keep on going.”

Knowledge is power but you also have to fall on your face sometimes to learn that something is going to trip you if you go that way. We all make mistakes, learning from those mistakes is key. Life in general is hard and complicated, the best thing to do is be humble, kind, help others, treat others the way you want to be treated, head down and moving forward.

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?
Probably just learning from every experience I’ve been through so far. It’s like that old saying, “You have to pay your dues”. That’s something I feel we will always continue to do as artists but at some point you hope the dues start paying you back. Nothing in life is handed to us, you have to go out and get it.


I live in…
I currently live in Rock Hill, SC (Greater Charlotte NC area). The music scene here is good and seems to have start becoming more alive than ever. Artists of all genres are starting to play different venues, advertise their music, etc. It’s starting to slightly resemble a Nashville feel, minus a bunch of large labels stationed downtown.


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