Matteson Gregory Launches Pop Single Comfortable

Matteson Gregory avaliveradio.png

Artist: Matteson Gregory

New Release: Comfortable

Genre: pop

Located in: : Branson, MO

This song is an upbeat summer bop! I was listening to a lot of Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift when I was writing the song so those two definitely had an impact. Especially with the thunder drums which I got from listening to Taylor's reputation. The song itself is about finding that person who makes you feel comfortable being and love and most importantly being yourself. This song means so much not only because it's my first single but because it's so personal to me. I never thought I would write a song like this until I met the person who inspired it.


This song is so important because it's exactly what I've been aiming for. When I first started out as an artist, I was going down the country root. But as I've gotten older I noticed that my lyrics weren't country, they were pop. So when I decided to record this song I knew it needed to be pop because I realized that's where I needed to be. I love the song too because I feel like we really tried to do our own thing with modern pop tones.

I've been busy playing at local venues as well as local festivals and making trips to Nashville to continue recording. I am actually working on going to record my next single in August so I am soooo excited about that!