Behind The Music With Matt Tucker on Blue Collar Anthem


Interview Notes:
A discussion on how artists are using social media to gain more exposure and brand identity. Matt Tucker talks about creating his music video and how he learns to utilize tools that artists can have access to. The benefits of social media for video promotion. Matt speaks on his future and the direction he would love to move into this next 6 months. 


Band Name: Matt Tucker

Song name: Blue Collar Anthem (remastered)

Music Genre:: Country

This song is about the backbone of society. The 40hr grind blue collar kind of person. Things that help the blue collar person get through the day/week/year. It's an anthem that speaks out how I came up and many people live everyday.

This song definitely speaks from the heart for me when it comes to how I like to approach a song. It's different, it speaks the title (subject), it's modern, and it's got a grove to jam to. I love ballads as well and this is a song type the always impresses at our shows.

Don't be afraid to use your music, which is what makes you happy, speak your mind but also being mindful of your listener.