New Psychedelic Rock Single The Black Hole from Melekai Joe


Artist: Melekai Joe - THE BEGINNING

New Release: The Black Hole

Genre: Rock, psychedelic rock

Located in: Hardwick Ma 01031

This song is...
Depression, Anxiety, Judgement, Space, Chaos, The Universe, The Black Hole. A Fun Dynamic Song recorded Live on Guitar, Roland Gr. Guitar Synth, 2 channel Looper and Drums. Added Bass and Gong Later.. Vocals are also Live as in a Show performance.. We want to capture that Live feel.


The music we are creating is...
As a Songwriter, I write in Many Genre's. Country, Blues, Rock, Indie, Americana, Reggae/Ska, and try to keep as original in sound and feel as Possible.. Yes, Most Popular bands use Classic Genre rhythms and Chord progressions, that have been used over and over again. The Only thing different about them is the Words or Lyrics and a guitar riff or hook.. Also there is a lack of real story telling today.. Just repeat the same phrases over and over and over and over again.. We try to tell a story with every song.. Yes, some songs we have made a more commercial approach to, that has a repeat hook and chorus, but over all, Stories and lessons learned all the way.. Definitely Life and experiences..

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Right now we are...
We are on our 3rd International World Tour. of : Prague, CZ., Villach, Austria, Morocco/Marrakesh, Fez, N. Africa, Barcelona, Spain, And Cancun, Mexico last stop before USA in April 2019. We are releasing New tunes as we speak, and through the summer 2019 in different genre's. We are blessed and thankful to have a full set of each genre' for performance purposes. Now we can Play Country concerts, Rock Concerts, Etc. We have been Independently signed to start opening for established National Acts in the USA this year 2019. It is Our first few gigs coming up, first in March 22, 2019 Hartford Ct at the Underground. And A trip to Austin Tx in August 15-21st is on the calendar as well as Nashville Tn.. we are also Playing some festivals and Local Smaller intimate venues in Worcester and Springfield Ma over the Summer.. Our Next and 4th International tour will be coming up around Sept 2019.


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