Behind The Music with METAVERSE on Survive the night

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Survive the Night is about a promise of tomorrow, a promise of never-ending love and a promise of better days despite being up against the odds.

Vinnie Velez (multi-instrumentalist, vocals) and Sean Delaney (Vocals)

SONG : Survive the night

 METAVERSE music is the light at the end of the tunnel. It always has an edge, it always has deep meaning, and it's always meant to affect the listener in a positive way. Its a new blending of Hip Hop, Rock, Pop and Alternative Music. We are two unique voices from opposite ends of the musical spectrum, now interwoven like strands of DNA. Survive the Night explores Metaverse's melodic side, while still keeping that trademark edge. Coupled along with an amazing escape from the undead themed music video, we are expecting great things from Survive.


The release of this song will kick off a summer FULL of larger-than-life METAVERSE releases!

 One Time after a live showcase show in Hudson, NY Peter from the MONKEES came up to me and introduced himself. I'd heard he was in the audience and was thrilled he wanted to talk. He said, "You're too good to play these joints Don't think in terms of towns and small cities. You have to put yourself out there and go for it...all the way" He was absolutely was time to THINK BIGGER. METAVERSE does exactly that, we NEED the world to know our music. We know it will only do good for this world.

We are on a soul searching journey and putting everything into our music in hopes that we can effect people. In our last music video, we raised money for the Sandy Hook Promise to unite the world and have a healthy conversation about real issues. 

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Vinnie Velez and Sean Delaney talk with Jacqueline Jax about overcoming hurdles in life to achieve great things. A discussion on dreaming and setting goals with a winning mindset. Musicians express the difference between playing shows versus taking your music online to a world wide audience. Feeling comfortable with being yourself as you take to the internet to market your music and also use your platform for something bigger than yourself. 



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