Behind The Music with Mick J. Clark on Anuther Sunny Hulliday

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Behind The Music Interview:
Mick J Clark joins host Jacqueline Jax for a discussion on the business of music and marketing. Listen to his new song and discover the differences between today and 15 years ago in the music business.

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Band Name: Mick J. Clark

Song name: Anuther Sunny Hulliday

Music Genre: Pop

I live in... United Kingdom

Link to play:

This song is about...
the perfect holiday, and everything that makes the perfect holiday. Now it's arrived, you'll soon be in the sunshine, with drinks by the pool, laughing, joking, and partying hard at night. Dancing, flirting, drinking shots, silly photoes with new friends, then with all your memories you catch your plane home, straight away looking forward to when you can get away again for: 'Anuther Sunny Hulliday'.

Of the 50 songs I've recorded I have covered all genres of music from Rock to Dance, from Country to Ballads, and no two songs sound the same. Some people say that music is in their blood, I can relate to that. I still have the dream that I will achieve writing a hit song.

This song dosen't really reflet my style of songs, it's just a fun song like 'Blow Those Candles Out'. Never take yourself or your songs too seriously, there's nothing wrong with fun songs.


What most inspires you
If you want a good night out I'm your man, but I can be serious if I have to be, but soon bounce back to 'Joker', that's what the 'J' stands for in my name :)) Writing songs is like creating anything, if it's good you can keep listening to it and feel great that it turned out okay.

My favorite instrument is the guitar, I love it, ( it only likes me ), but I'm best at the drums, that feels natural to me, Keyboards when I do a Ballad, and my fourth instrument is the very difficult and totally underrated, the 'Triangle' , ( sorry, I know, not even funny :-)).

The music business…
has alway ripped of the artists, but there out to 'kill it off' now. Everybody needs money to suvive, that's why I won't be doing anymore new songs, it's all pay out with nothing coming back, but I'll always play music, on my guitar, not the Triangle :-)

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