New Music from Mick J. Clark : Me My Body And I

Artist: Mick J. Clark

New Release: Me My Body And I

Genre: Rock

Located in: United Kingdom

This song is...
Screw my music, I want Kids to stop Self Harming, and hopefully being 'Empowered' by listening to this song I wrote for them.

The music we are creating is...
Apologies if I come over boring, ( I'm not ), but this song is way more important than me. To know that children are Self Harming, with some children even committing suicide breaks my heart. Children shouldn't be feeling they need to do this to themselves. My song is a 'message' to children, to Empower them. To eradicate Mental Health problems you must make the 'Root' of society, ( the children ), better educated and more knowledgeable about the pitfalls, the traps and the many ways that 'adults' will try to psychologically screw your young lives up, and then 'adults' spend millions trying to put it right.

Right now we are...
Now children are Self Harming with Suicides at nearly 200 children a year. An 'Empowering' song, with the right lyrical message can 'Empower' children when they are ‘down’, and help them deal with their problems. Me My Body And I, by Mick J. Clark But more than just listening to this song, we should get schools to sing this song in assembly, ( linking arms in a show of Solidarity for one another ), because singing is empowering, and our children are being targeted by so much today that some children cannot handle the pressure. We must give every child the 'tools' they need to cope with today's life, like. confidence, acceptance, knowledge and understanding of why some children act like they do, ( maybe against them ), and also tell children that they are targeted by Big Business, ( adults ), which is why they need to ‘help each other be as ‘smart and clever’ as 'Big Business'. This song has been well received by Radio Stations.