New Southern Rock Release from Mike Contoni 'She Always'

Mike Contoni avaliveradio music quote.png

“ Music is a feeling, a memory, an art. I love writing stories and putting music to the words.”

Artist: Mike Contoni
New Release: She Always

Genre: Southern Rock/Country

Mike worked for the U.S. Navy for 35 years! He was active duty for 20 years and then worked as a contractor for 15 years. He is now living in Thailand full time and enjoying the warm weather all year round. He loves traveling and writing songs. He is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a unique approach to his sound, inspired by country and southern rock music. Having been playing since he was a young teenager, Mike set out to develop a truly unique attitude: His last album ‘Here Comes the Weekend’ truly has that ‘home-grown’ feel to the writing – Mike’s brand of Americana/Country/Folk/Southern Rock tunes approaches music with a gentle tenderness to the melodies. Mike is working on his third album and this new song titled ‘She Always’ will be on that album being released next year. Make sure to check out his music & what he’s up to at these links below!

Here is a Youtube video link of She Always:


harisraoindiemusicspin ! Absolutely love all the visual content on your instagram feed! are you getting any clients using instagram ? would really appreciate any tip! - Haris



avaliveradioI love this artists quote and music. He's truly in love with songwriting and watching his joy through it gives new light to every song he release.

tiona_music_journey_Yes me too ❤️ love Songwriting


themikefreundbandGreat quote!

karisakay76Wow what a story can’t wait to hear his music!!


thecocoscottI can’t wait to hear his songs :)

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darinjellisonmusic😂 Drinkin’ booze and cursin’. Sounds like a fun guy!

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homerikofficialThis is very catchy! Love it❤️

thecocoscottCheers to all the amazing spouses of musicians! Without them who knows where we’d be!

hanna_voxWe need more songs like this!! Amazing

mississippiriotThis very good, classic bluesey tones, great energy and free flowing lyrics! Nice work

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