Behind The Music With Mike Freund on Shed My Skin

My music is everything I am, a father, a husband, a narcissist, an addict, a lover, a fighter, a scapegoat, and an independent.


Band Name: Mike Freund
(pronounced " Friend")

Song name: Shed My Skin

Music Genre:: Rock, Jam, Blues

This song is about the push and pull we feel from outside influences we knowingly or unknowingly welcome into our lives. On the surface, to the novel listener, Shed My Skin is about loving someone.

When in actuality it's about loving the corrupted relationship we have with all that is unhealthy for us. An alcoholic will romanticize about drinking and a heroin addict will embellish over their rituals of injection. This song is about what we do to protect our addictions, because we love them.

 My New album, "And Now You Know" is proof that Rock and Roll isn't dead. This is my sophomore record, and it's the perfect mix of guitar driven American Blues, Funk, Rock, and Jam. I think the release of "Shed My Skin" will remind all my friends, fans, and family that the direction of my career is unwavering.

I have and always had the courage to follow through on my convictions. A close friend and mentor said to me... "No one is going to do it for you, opportunity may come knocking, but no one is going to offer you a career ".

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How to invest in yourself so you never have regrets at the end of your days. Mike and Jacqueline talk about being a musician today and the ways that social media plays a fundamental part in building an artists career. 

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