Behind the Music with Milla DeVilliers on Beautiful Day for Flying

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Band Name: Milla Devilliers (vocalist) for The Song Tailors (writer/producer)

Song name: Beautiful Day for Flying

Music Genre: Acoustic Pop

I live in... Irvine. Orange County, California.

Music was recorded in LA for Australian based The Song Tailors after Ruth Picker (writer and executive producer) met Milla on Instagram. Producer - James Kempster

Link to play:

This song is about..
"It's a beautiful day to go flying" said Captain Richard de Crespigny when he welcomed his passengers on board. Ruth Picker was one of his passengers that day and inspired her to write "Beautiful Day for Flying". Captain Richard de Crespigny kindly wrote a note to the special person for whom Ruth wrote the song. He is also recognized as a hero for saving hundreds of lives when he safely landed QF32 averting a major disaster. For Ruth this song was about missing her loved ones while traveling and always coming home to them safely and knowing that people like captain De Crespigny makes her and fellow passenger's safety a priority.

My music is...
From my heart and meant to touch others. In 2019 Milla will be traveling to Australia to perform with Australian artists to celebrate the release of this single and the full album of The Song Tailors artists.

How do you think this release represents your current direction..
I am currently a very young (12 year old) developing artist. This release gives me a fantastic opportunity to in a professional manner "test my wings" and I am grateful that people like The Song Tailors are giving me a brilliant opportunity. I plan to use it to grow and to collaborate with them some more and to even maybe co write with them.

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?
There are many talented people in the music industry and technology and social media has changed the industry in such a way that many people can be reached by many artists. Don't let that scare you. Work hard with professional work ethic. Be a nice person people want to work with, be authentic, share your heart and the rest will take care of itself. And actually the best advice came from my dad quoting Nike: "Just do it".

The music…
Music is my life. Creating music gives me a vehicle to share my heart and soul. I intend to do it in a way to make a difference.

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New Episode: 659 Behind The Music with Milla DeVilliers on ‘Beautiful Day for Flying.’

Milla joins Jacqueline Jax to talk about her latest release with Songwriter Ruth Picker and Producer James Kempster. At just 12 years old, this promising singer songwriter is working towards her future as a musician. Be sure to follow her on Instagram @millasmusic and also @TheSongTailors as she prepares for her long trip from California to Australia for the release party.


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