Behind the Music with Mississippi Riot on Run and hide

Mississippi Riot 1.png

Band Name: Mississippi Riot

Song name: Run and hide

Genre:: Rock

I live in... Chester and Warrington (UK)
Run and Hide revolves around the idea of being in denial of your own feelings, but eventually giving into them and accepting that they can’t be changed.

The Band...
Jack Curwell (lead vocal and guitar), Tim Jessop (bass), Tom Edwards (guitar and backing vocal), Will Baker (guitar), Paolo Marsico (drums)


My music is...
Our music is a mix of southern blues and British indie\rock. The sound we are trying to create incorporates different style of music into one, creating our own distinct sound.

This release represents exactly where we want to go, how we want to express ourselves in music and words. It's a memorable song, with commercial appeal, that will appeal to a wide audience.

Best advise...
Since we started, we met many people working in the music industry; some were fun, while others were informative and interesting. We’d say probably the best advice we took was to work hard and believe in what you do. It's a long way to the top...

British indie rock band from Liverpool talks with host Jacqueline Jax about spending the winter months in the studio, getting out on stage to perform their new tracks and why this year is going to be their best yet to date. Also includes a discussion on growing into your own sound as a band and developing that something special that can capture your audience. Get some tips from the discussion on how to promote a band on social media and aim for festival bookings.

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