New Indie Pop Single from MODENESS 'Stay by my side'

MODENESS avaliveradio.png

New Release: Stay by my side

Genre: indie-pop,singer-songwriter, pop,edm
My name is Artemy Nik and I am a songwriter and a frontmen of my project called Modeness - a reduction from the two words - Modern Madness. In fact we are two people from Moscow making the music - me and Rav Mccoy. He is responsible for the bits and production, me - for all the rest. Ivan Shafrun also plays with us as a guitarist and solo guitarist. I can describe the style of our music as experimental indie pop. Our music also includes elements from other genres like trip-hop, trap, techno, house as well as borrowing from neoclassic and soundtracks. I have been working on this project for about three years. In 2017 I released my first single Stream of cars and in summer 2018 I released my debut album M.O.T.P. (Mistakes Of The Past). At the present time we are engaged in live performances, preparing to record some new songs and to shoot live video and clips. I really enjoy to be musician and i love music.



thekristinmouraExperimental is kinda cool when mixed with other genes