Behind The Music with Monique Barry on "New Eyes"

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Band Name: Monique Barry

Song name: New Eyes

Composer, Vocals, Keyboard, Looping 
Marc Merilainen - Guitar
Alisdair Jones - Bass 
Michael Phillip Wojewoda - Drums/Mixing

Music Genre: Ethereal Ambient Kraut Rock

I live in... : Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Link to play:

This song is about...
I'm working on my 5th album, HAAK, releasing it single by single in the order the songs will appear on the finished product, The album is a journey from innocence to wisdom. 'New Eyes' is the fourth song and sees our protagonist who's left her home, found freedom, lust and what she thinks is love returning home with 'New Eyes'.

My music is...
my guide and keeper. It has always been my way of dealing with life's challenges. As Bob Marley says "One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." Not only does it provides us with a soundtrack to our lives, where upon hearing one piece of music can bring us back to an epiphanous moment but writing music allows us to document our own lives and personal evolution. I use it as a tool for self expression so don't feel bound by any type of genre or paradigm. I'm not afraid of being original; to me it's about sincerity and discovery, not conformity.

This album HAAK,
is turning into more of an electronica ambient ethereal project than anticipated. I wanted HAAK to be a journey in every way from composing, to performance, to recording.

HAAK continues to evolve as each song is recorded and will continue to do so until all songs are finished and the live show is set based on the finished recording.

I compose the songs on my laptop and then send demos to my guitarist, Marc Merilainen for his contributions. We started performing the album as a duo live before it was completed (and continue to doing so) allowing the songs to take shape. I took the project to Michael Wojewoda, a very respected producer from Toronto and he agreed to provide drums and mix the project.

I was also able to secure the expertise of Alisdair Jones on bass which rounded out this incredible creative team. As each song finishes, you can feel the project evolving, maturing. 'New Eyes' is my first attempt at Kraut Rock, which I believe we've turned it into Ethereal Ambient Kraut Rock. Being a huge fan of ambient and minimalist music, I relished the challenge of combining all of the different genres to express the feeling of coming home and seeing the world in a very different way.

The project will have the continuity of each instrumental creator but as each piece of the story comes together, whatever genre or combination of genres is needed to express the emotion of the journey will remain fluid and undeterred.

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Best Advise…
A good friend of mine who was VP of BMG Music Publishing at the time invited me to his office after I'd sent him a demo of material that ended up on my first album 'moody'.

He told me at the time that I'd never be a cookie-cutter artist and that because of that my journey would be difficult. With that said he encouraged me to continue what I was doing as he believed it was unique and valid.

Later a good friend of his who's a music supervisor suggested that he ruined my life by encouraging me. (Which I found humorous). The truth is, I didn't have a choice. If your creativity is part of your emotion evolution and survival then you'll never stop. It's how you approach your creativity and how you nurture it into your lifestyle that is the trick.

“To truly evolve one must be honest, open, fearless and original. Imitation is in direct opposition.”



Monique Barry comes on the show to speak with Jacqueline Jax about developing 5 albums and the challenges she faced in the journey. We also spoke about following your muse and the evolution of an artist during development. The brilliance of working with a team from demo to completed project. Including a discussion on marketing todays artist.

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