New Release from Monjyoti called 'Hypnosis'

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Artist: Monjyoti

New Release: Hypnosis

Genre: Progressive/Psychedelic Rock, Experimental

Monjyoti Singer, Guitarist, Songwriter from Bangalore India, 500+ live shows in 8 countries. Genre: Progressive/Psychedelic/Alternative Rock. The genre of the my "Hypnosis" is Progressive/Psychedelic Rock and style Experimental. My music profile is Global Rank 1 in Reverbnation in the experimental category for more than 7 weeks since July 13 and its a World Record in World Records of India. Everything about the song at : The song was created while I was recovering from a fracture back home in Guwahati, Assam in feb 2017 where I met the super talented musician Papu Gogoi and decided to work on the song with a cast (band aid) on my hand and leg.

The idea of the song was to make it naturally creative, free flowing and boundless where we attempted to harmoniously combine elements of soft rock, melody, hard rock, instrumental, psychedelic etc. i.e most of the elements in the music spectrum. I would like to thank amazing musicians Papu Gogoi, Diganta Da, my sister Bhaswati, Soram Pankaj and the team who made this song possible. The lyrics of the song is about the working of the subconscious mind which i am referring to as the Master in the lyrics. The style of the song is inspired from the works of western bands like Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin etc.


The music business…
or being a musician today is a lot about juggling between the creative, visionary and the strategic aspects of music. Once the musician has done his/her homework to grow musically and to get the best music out creatively, the next component is how he/she creates a vision or goal for how his music can fit into the world, because with only talent and no vision of the future, the musician might just end up being a musician in the confines of the home, close friends and family. Once the goal is in place, there has to be a strategic component of how to consistently work towards that goal, for example in terms of promoting music, reaching out to music lovers, getting shows, tours, managing finances, striking deals with event companies, record labels, promotional campaigns etc. The strategic brain and the creative brain can be two people like the musician and the manager or sometimes, like in my case, one person. My journey has been a juggle between all three components while learning as much as I can from people around me.

For me, music is storytelling…
and a way to express my true self and my personal philosophies. Music creation is magical because there are multiple channels of expression in terms of lyrics, melody, moods, flavors etc. The combined effect of language based lyrical expression and feeling based musical flavors, feelings and moods can create magic and even transform individuals. Each piece of creation is an opportunity to pour out our complete being into a fresh canvas and the beauty is, there are no inherent guidelines (outside the musical terminologies) and there is no limit to how far we can push our creative boundaries to come up with something that will be its only kind. And this piece of work can leave a mark on and serve other people. The idea of my song Hypnosis was to make it naturally creative, free flowing and boundless where we attempted to harmoniously combine elements of soft rock, melody, hard rock, instrumental, psychedelic etc. i.e most of the elements in the music spectrum.

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