Behind The Music with Monjyoti with Hypnosis

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Band Name: Monjyoti
Song: Hypnosis

Music Genre:: Progressive/Psychedelic Rock, Experimental

I live in...
Bangalore, Karnataka : India

Link to play::

The lyrics of the song are about the working of the subconscious mind. Our mind is divided into two parts: "The conscious or the visible mind" and "The Subconscious or the invisible mind". The subconscious mind is about 90% of our mind while the visible conscious mind is only about 10%.

This invisible subconscious part of our mind is the Master and is running the whole show and it is the source of everything we do, think and feel. The Master silently controls our view of the world and our perceptions, almost like keeping us in a state of hypnosis.

The idea of the song was to make it naturally creative, free flowing and boundless where we attempted to harmoniously combine elements of soft rock, melody, hard rock, instrumental, psychedelic etc. i.e most of the elements in the music spectrum.

I would like to thank amazing musicians Papu Gogoi, Diganta Da, my sister Bhaswati, Soram Pankaj and the team who made this song possible. The lyrics of the song is about the working of the subconscious mind which I am referring to as the Master in the lyrics. The style of the song is inspired from the works of western bands like Porcupine Tree, Steven Wilson, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin etc.

My music is...
Progressive/Psychedelic Rock and Experimental Rock. I like to explore a wider range of musical spectrum that ranges everything from soft rock, pop, melody on one side to a bit of hard rock and heavy stuff on the other side. So naturally, my genre is something that combines bits and pieces of all the elements and hence the category experimental.

I believe that if we are ready to push our creative boundaries and are okay to step outside the conventional musical norms and structures, we will tend to stumble upon surprisingly beautiful musical melodies and flavors and there is no limit to how many flavors we can come up with. I like to explore all these pieces, pick the best ones and harmoniously combine them to come up with a style of music that can take the user through a wide range of mood, flavors and experiences because as a music listener, I myself long for such a feeling and I am usually drawn towards such kind of music. Philosophically, I believe this is an extension of my personality as I like to explore a lot of things in life that includes occasionally stepping into some of the unexplored territories in the hope of finding something unusually good or some kind of a hack to drastically improve the quality of life for myself and for others. Music like any form of art, is a portal for self expression.

For example, for my single hypnosis there are elements of melody, soft rock, psychedelic rock and a bit of heavy stuff and it is comprised of 3 musical scales. From a music theory standpoint, the maintenance of a uniform musical flow while moving between different scales and flavors can be tricky and can sound out of place if not done right. So the challenge of creating a piece like that is to harmoniously integrate all the different disconnected elements into a singular musical flow. It is not a straight forward equation but if you hit it right, usually the resultant feeling is out of the world.

I believe this release has set the perfect tone to start my career as a composer…

as this song accurately and thoroughly represents my musical inclination. I have been extremely fortunate to get to work with a remarkable team including the phenomenal musician Papu Gogoi. This is great start however, this is just the beginning and I have a lot more to learn and explore. And fortunately, the response for this song has been quite satisfactory as people across the globe has poured in their love, support and appreciation and my music profile has been on Global 1st in Reverbnation in the experimental category for 7 weeks + now. By gods grace, the Global Ranking has also been accepted as a Record in World Records Of India. Hopefully, I will be able to meet or exceed the musical expectations of the kind listeners in the coming times with more songs and serve the community better.

What piece of music advice forever changed your way of thinking?: 
I guess this is a generic piece of advice I came across but can be applied to music too.
"Stop relying on natural talent, luck, gifts, support, lotteries etc and just put in the hours for a very long time. Play the long game. "

The music business…
or being a musician today is a lot about juggling between the creative, visionary and the strategic aspects of music. Once the musician has done his/her homework to grow musically and to get the best music out creatively, the next component is how he/she creates a vision or goal for how his music can fit into the world, because with only talent and no vision of the future, the musician might just end up being a musician in the confines of the home, close friends and family.

Once the goal is in place, there has to be a strategic component of how to consistently work towards that goal, for example in terms of promoting music, reaching out to music lovers, getting shows, tours, managing finances, striking deals with event companies, record labels, promotional campaigns etc.

The creative, visionary and strategic components can be multiple brains like the musician and the manager or sometimes, like in my case, one person. My journey has been a juggle between all three components while learning as much as I can from people around me.

For me, music is storytelling…
and a way to express my true self and my personal philosophies. Music creation is magical because there are multiple channels of expression in terms of lyrics, melody, moods, flavors etc. The combined effect of language based lyrical expression and feeling based musical flavors, feelings and moods can create magic and even transform individuals.

Each piece of creation is an opportunity to pour out our complete being into a fresh canvas and the beauty is, there are no inherent guidelines (outside the musical terminologies) and there is no limit to how far we can push our creative boundaries to come up with something that will be its only kind. And this piece of work can leave a mark on people and serve them.

The idea of my song Hypnosis was to make it naturally creative, free flowing and boundless where we attempted to harmoniously combine elements of soft rock, melody, hard rock, instrumental, psychedelic etc. i.e most of the elements in the music spectrum.


Have you always wondered about the working of the subconscious mind? Jacqueline Jax and musician producer Monjyoti speak about self-sabotage within the invisible mind and how to take control of your behaviors. A discussion on the theory of upper limits. Sadness and anxiety is a symptom of the process as you make room for the new phases in your life. We are trained to embrace pleasure so we tend to choose the easy road instead of taking on the tough hurdles as a choice. The lyrics of the song “Hypnosis” is about the working of the subconscious mind which I am referring to as the Master in the lyrics. You’ll also learn how to retrain your brain how to navigate all obstacles.

Episode #629: A.V.A Live Radio Behind The Music with Jacqueline Jax

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