Behind The Music with MONROE on Wish I Never Fell In Love

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Artist: MONROE

Song name: Wish I Never Fell In Love

Music Genre: POP

I live in... Atlanta, Georgia


Link to play::

This song is about...
Falling in love and giving your heart to someone, and they leave you like you meant nothing to them.

My music is...
POP and R&B, catchy hooks and big production!

This release is part of the HEAVY ROTATION project and it will open doors for the next few singles!

Put money behind yourself, because you are the Brand and the business!

Building a music brand and legacy is tough but worth the effort. This business has a lot of artist in it but if you focus on quality, you’ll stand out. Being really passionate about what your doing is the second secret sauce along with knowing how to find the right people for your team. 

No man is an island so it’s crucial to have supportive people around you that are on board with your goals and believe in your message. 

I’ve chosen not to sign with a label because I feel that the deals out there being offered aren’t exactly fair and I love feeling hungry. Being independent makes you more hungry to do major things and create major music. 

Being a artist today is like, you being in a room full of people with all black shirts, and you walk in with a red shirt, always standout from the rest. I love creating music, because it let’s you get things off your mind that are hurting you. When something makes you happy you sing about it and people can relate. When there’s a problem, you talk about it in the lyrics and other people can relate. It’s the ultimate form of communication. 

What do you want people to remember most about you and your career?: 
That I was a hit maker, and I did it independent, and that I sold 40,000 CD's on the streets, and that I was a humble person, and I was a giver!



Episode 667 Behind The Music with MONROE on Wish I Never Fell In Love

Jacqueline Jax speaks to Monroe about his music journey to Atlanta and how her found a team of people to speed his growth. He talks about starting a record label ( 7 Time Ent ) and publishing company (Episode 3) how he makes focused business decisions to get the best results. Also how to decide if signing a record deal is for you.


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Jacquelinejax :
Monroe has an outstanding range and tone that I am excited to here more from. He’s just started to tap into what he’s capable of and has a strong sense of self. That’s a mix for success with hard work and the determination to achieve great things using his gifts.


Social media definitely helps in today's society


Amazing 😍


He has a wonderful sound love the lyrics too!!


Great sound. Cant wait to hear more




Very smooth! Nicee





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